Nerello Mascalese: Deep in the heart of Etna’s red diamond

Plovdiv International Fair - Press Club Hall (Pavilion 8)

Saturday October 24, 2015  

10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Etna Wine Lab, in cooperation with Fermenti Digitali, has held a masterclass at the eighth edition of the most important event dedicated to wine communicators, the Digital Wine Communications Conference.

Four wineries,  with different characteristics, but the Etna is common denominator: one with an ancient history, one not local but that has bet on the volcano, one from the East and one from the South West. These are the ingredients to better represent the versatile aspects of this red diamond, the Nerello Mascalese, multifaceted vine variety which expresses its myriad features on the various Etna's territory and that more and more makes appreciate in the world.



Valeria Carastro, agronomist, director of the association "Strada del vino dell'Etna" and founder of Etna Wine Lab. 

Giampiero Nadali, marketer and wine blogger

Elisabetta Tosi, blogger and freelance journalist


These are the wines to be presented

  • Planeta Etna Rosso Doc 2014
  • Planeta Eruzione 1614 Nerello Mascalese IGT Sicilia 2013
  • Terra Costantino DeAetna Rosato DOC 2014
  • Terra Costantino DeAetna Rosso DOC 2013
  • Vacirca Rosso di Gulfa Etna Doc 2012
  • Vacirca Rosso di Gulfa Etna Doc 2011
  • Benanti Rovittello Etna Rosso 2011
  • Benanti Nerello Mascalese 2007

Etna wineries presented at the DWCC 2015 Masterclass

Some pictures of the masterclass